Statesmen or Opportunists?


By Myrna Davis - February 15, 2016

When I went to school, I remember how we had pictures of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in our classroom, how we revered them, celebrated their birthdays separately, instead of lumping them together with every other president.  Those two past presidents stood out for two important reasons.  Washington was the first president and set the example for all subsequent presidents to follow.  Lincoln kept the young nation together, when it hadn’t even seen its 100th birthday yet.  Today, all presidents, good and bad, are celebrated on Presidents Day – a grave mistake in my opinion.

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'Tis The Season

 Menorah_1.PNG xmas_trees.JPG

By Myrna Davis - December 19, 2015 

Here we are again – December.  A month of joy, celebration, shopping, charity, and lights.  The two major holidays that come at this time are Christmas in Christianity and Chanukah in Judaism.  There are similarities between the two, as well as differences.  

Everyone knows the story of Christmas – the birth of Jesus the Christ in a manger, who would become the main figure, with a message for all mankind, in the religion of Christianity.  Throughout the centuries since Christianity was formed, the event has been celebrated with lights, presents, dinners, and parties.  There is much activity at this time of year as people rush to buy presents for children, friends, spouses, parents, teachers, and gardeners.  There are school plays, chorales singing carols, free dinners for the poor, children on Santa’s lap, and toys for tots by the Marines. It is not a retail holiday, comparing last year’s figures, but a time to widen the eyes of the little ones, and restore joy and hope in adults.

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Doing What's Right


By Myrna Davis - 9/12/2015

Well, the votes for the Iran Nuclear Agreement are in.  We now know who truly cares about this country and who puts party first.  Someone said the Senate voted against 330 million people to protect one man’s legacy.  That legacy will become one of death, destruction, betrayal, and stupidity in the end, but only after he’s already left office, like a hurricane that moves on after it hits the land and leaves.

I keep hearing some in Congress say that if we don’t approve this deal, we and Israel will be isolated in the world.  And that’s something new?  Israel has been isolated by the very United Nations that once helped to create it in 1948.  Boy, have things changed.

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Huntington Park Appoints Illegals


By Michael Greer - 8-18-2015

Last night was extraordinary.  Extraordinary in the realization of how corrupt our system has become. 

Driving to Huntington Park from the Freeway, you drive through miles and miles of industrial blocks, warehouses, factories, manufacturing complexes and graffiti on every inch of every overpass and wall……a clear sign of rampant gang activity.

Huntington Park is next to Vernon and the City of Industry two other stunningly corrupt cities.  It has a population of about 64.000, 90% Latino with 45% of them illegal aliens.  We might as well have been in Mexico.  The Mayor and city council members were all Latino.

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Attention Trumps All - Donald Trump's Backwards Media Tactics


By Dante Vaisbort (15 years old) - 8/10/15

To any other presidential hopeful, tweeting that debate moderator Megyn Kelly of Fox News had "Blood coming out of her wherever." would be political suicide. But not to Donald Trump, the former host of “The Apprentice” and multibillionaire. Along with a slew of other comments that could potentially end a potential public career, Trump is finding his way onto headlines of practically every major news outlet daily.

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The Time Machine in America

The_Time_Machine.jpg welfare.jpg

By Myrna Davis - June 23, 2015

I was watching one of my favorite movies recently – The Time Machine – a movie made around 1960.   

For those of you who don’t know the story, the hero, George, is an inventor, who builds a time machine at the turn of the century (circa 1899), and chooses to go to the future to see how man has advanced.  What he discovers is that man has not advanced, nor learned anything.  War still rages in 1918 and again in the 1940s.  He presses onward and finds that war rages yet again, only this time, there is massive destruction, causing lava to burst forth from within the earth.  He escapes a wall of lava just in time, but is trapped for eons in a mountain of cooled lava, finally set free as time and the elements wear down the mountain.

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Rafael Cruz Inspires Eagle Forum


By Michael Greer - May 5, 2015

Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum conference at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa this weekend was not just informational, but inspirational, with an eclectic group of speakers.  They spoke on subjects such as Liberty vs Socialism, Islam, the influence of Christianity on our founding, the evolution of Common Core, the dangers facing the American Church, integrity in the News and Entertainment industry, legislation robbing us of our freedom, and the imperative role of the church in changing America.

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Ferguson - The Play


By Michale Greer - April 26, 2015

Last night FERGUSON – THE PLAY opened to controversy.  Days before the opening five actors walked off because they objected to the play not supporting the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” narrative.  The next day three more actors walked.  The trouble is, this play is taken, directly, from the Michael Brown/Darren Wilson Grand Jury transcripts. Mike Brown never had his hands up, nor did he ever say, “Don’t shoot”.

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By Michael Greer - March 10, 2015

Last night AFA’s Cinema Gateway hosted “The Making of American Sniper” at a lovely private home in Beverly Hills.  There was a cocktail hour followed by a sumptuous dinner with the evening’s speaker Andrew McLaren.

Andrew McLaren served with and became a close friend of Chris Kyle. He was a member of the Marine Corps Security Force Company Europe. He was deployed to more than ten countries during his service and his unit had been deployed to rescue our Libyan Ambassador when they were mysteriously told to stand down.

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The War on Poverty


By Myrna Davis

Under President Lyndon Johnson, the Democrat Party instituted a new concept.  It was titled “The War on Poverty.”  As usual, a lofty goal and inspiring title. 

The Democrats hate war, or so they say; yet, everything they do seems to be a war on something.  Then, they accuse Republicans of waging a phony war on women.  They seem to love that word “war,” as long as it is for domestic issues or fighting Republicans.

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